Winter is here and along with winterizing your vehicle and keeping the driveway snow-free, you need to prepare your garage door for the harsh Canadian winter. Homeowners don’t often have to winterize their garage door on the to-do list over the holiday season. However, neglecting this important winter preparation method often leaves homeowners with costly expenses that could have been avoided.

Your garage door is an expensive investment and one that keeps your home and family safe and warm. Ensuring it is operating in top condition throughout winter is crucial. Sam’s Garage Doors makes winterizing your garage door simple in four straightforward steps below.

1. Inspect The Garage Door, Then Check Its Tracks

Inspect the exterior and interior of your garage door up and down, two-three times for any odd sounds or movement. This will detect any issues early enough and allow you to schedule garage door repair promptly. If you see or hear something out of the usual on the garage door, record the location for our garage door specialists.

2. Clean the Door and Continue Regular Inspection

If dirt or any snow has begun to build upon the surface of your garage door, it can seriously damage the door’s ability to function optimally. This can result in the garage door having trouble opening or closing, which can be dangerous in a winter storm or power outage. Snow and dirt can also decrease the door’s lifespan significantly. Grab a brush and soap, or for snow, use a snow shovel to remove the debris. Wash the surface down with water and dry completely.

3. Opt To Have An Insulated Garage Door Installed

If you utilize your garage for more than vehicle storage and instead as a workshop or office, it may be more sensible for you to upgrade your current garage door for an insulated door. Offering extremely effective insulation all winter long, our Steel Insulated Doors are a cost-effective solution to amping up the heat in your home. Our stunning handcrafted Reserve Wood Modern Series and Reserve Wood Limited Series doors prove that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Exceptional detail and beauty, these garage doors also provide strength and durability.

4. Ensure The Door Seals Completely

If you spot any cracks that emit light, this is an indicator that your garage door is not sealed effectively. This is especially problematic during the winter because heat will escape from even the smallest chip and allow cold air to enter your home and raise utility bills or have you calling for emergency garage door repair in Surrey in the middle of winter!

Complete the appearance of your home with Sam’s Garage Doors modern, durable and beautiful steel, aluminum, wood or composite garage doors! Our stunning selection of non-insulated or insulated doors will improve your home’s appearance and boost its value. We also offer garage door repair services in Coquitlam and Surrey! Send us a message today!