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Garage Door Opener Services

Our garage door installation service saves you time and energy. Each system is installed by skilled garage door specialists.They’ll make sure each part is installed and works right. We don’t use after market parts. You’ll get a high quality new garage system. You’ll find your garage doors easy to operate.All parts installed come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

We’re not done once installation is complete. Through our preventative maintenance program we’re just a call, fax or e-mail away.


We carry a wide variety of parts from a selection of quality-oriented suppliers.

Deluxe Door Control Console

Control your garage door and operator lights

Door Control Console

The large push button can be fit to a standard junction box.

Key Release - Vault Garage

This emergency key-lock release provides access to a your garage


Battery Backup System


Door and Gate Monitor


1-Button Remote Control


myQ® Retrofit Package


4 ft small profile resistive edge with aluminum channel


2-Button Universal Remote Control


myQ Remote Led Light


Automatic Garage Door Lock


myQ® Control Panel


Sam’s garage Doors offers a wide range of services to meet all your overhead garage door & operator needs.

With our skilled staff, troubleshooting & making sure your door runs safely & smoothly is of utmost importance to us.

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