One of the easiest and quickest ways to raise the value of your house is by updating your garage door. It has one of the highest returns on investment compared to other home renovation projects. You could get up to 88% of the cost of replacing your garage door back because of how much more curb appeal a modern garage door adds.

There are four types of garage doors:

  • Roll up
  • Swing up
  • Swing out (carriage house style)
  • Slide to side (sliding barn doors)

The style you choose will depend on how much clearance space your garage has in the entryway for a swing up or out and around the ceiling for tracks. The design of the door will depend more on your personal preference. You will likely want to coordinate it with the colour and style of your garage. Here is a list of five different garage door materials to choose from based on your lifestyle and budget.

Wood and wood composite

One of the most beautiful but expensive garage door materials. It does hold up well to wear, but it does need periodic refinishing, and it does not last as long as other doors. You can find a wide selection of colours and textures to choose from in the mid to high price range. Composite wood looks similar to authentic wood but weighs and costs less. This material is best for large double doors.


This material is easier to maintain than wood, but it is prone to rust and dents. The best steel garage doors are made of two layers of galvanized steel. If you go with steel, choose at least 24 gauge steel or one with a fibreglass overlay to minimize the risk of rust and dents.


Extremely lightweight, aluminum is ideal for wide double doors. New models are heavier and stronger than older versions, and laminated panels are resistant to dents. If you choose one with heavy-duty frames, it will cost more, but some options are cheaper with panels made from different materials. Cheaper panels will dent easily, though.


This material is easy to shape however you want so you can have it look like any material. You should choose a model with the warmth and beauty of wood. Or, you could keep it transparent to let in more light. It is more practical for coastal cities and towns, and it is easy to customize. Fibreglass is not ideal for cold environments where it can crack over time. It can also turn yellow from repeated sun exposure.


This type of garage door is tough to dent or break making them ideal for families with small children. It is similar to fibreglass in its construction, but more durable and easier to clean. You simply need to spray it with a hose once in a while. Vinyl’s downside is that it comes in a limited number of colours and designs.

Many garage doors on the market today emphasis being energy-efficient by being able to insulate well, but this is not necessarily a good thing. If you use your garage just for storage and to park your vehicle, insulation is not a necessity and can trap harmful chemicals and fumes inside along with heat. Consider energy-efficient doors only if you use your garage as a spare room. Otherwise, focus on insulting the walls between your garage and home.

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