We are just on the brink of winter and with that comes cold weather issues. This is the time of year when garage doors and openers are most likely to stop functioning correctly. Although, there are some simple things you can do to keep your garage door running smoothly all winter long. Here are some fixes for common issues so that the cold does not get in your way of getting to work or doing holiday shopping.

Problem: Contracting metal.

Issue: Garage door opener stops while going up or down.

Solution: Metal can contract when the temperature drops from hot to cold. That makes it more difficult for your opening to move your garage door up or down. This can usually be fixed with a forced adjustment on the door itself. To change the force limit, check your owner’s manual. You can also use garage door spray lube on hinges, bearings, and rollers to help the opener along.

Problem: Garage door is freezing to the floor.

Issue: Garage door does not open.

Solution: When snow and ice build-up under your garage door, it can freeze it shut. It can also prevent the door from closing completely, letting in cold air. Be diligent about keeping the area where your garage door hits the floor clear. When shoveling the driveway remember to shovel your garage opening and scrap away ice. You can also use cooking spray on the rubber part of the bottom of your garage door to prevent it from sticking to the ground.

Problem: Broken travellers or gears.

Issue: The garage door sounds as though it is moving, but it stays still.

Solution: This usually happens because of an older opener or if the door is stuck to the floor because of ice and snow. When the door is frozen shut, the open still tries to lift it, and something has to give. The gears inside the opener or the traveler break down. You will need a professional to fix this problem. You can prevent it by making sure the area where the garage door lands is clear.

Problem: Excess grease or grease thickening.

Issue: Similar to the symptoms expressed by contracting metal, when there is an issue with grease the garage door might have trouble going up or down.

Solution: Cold weather can make grease on garage door tracks thicken, preventing the door from moving smoothly. That is why it is not recommended to grease tracks during colder months. It may be necessary to replace vertical tracks and rollers depending on how severe the problem is.

The best ways to reduce the chances of your garage door malfunctioning this winter is ensuring the area under it is clear of snow and ice, and not applying too much grease on the tracks. Prevention is key to making sure your garage door runs as it should when the temperature drops. If you do run into issues, Sam’s Garage Doors is here to help. Our trained professionals can quickly identify garage door issues and come up with a solution promptly. If you have any queries, you can contact us or you can also drop by us at this location.