The best way to learn how to buy a garage door opener is the first to know all your available options. The following are the options you can choose from:

Chain Drive

This is the most classic version of a garage door opener. It is reliable and comes with substantial value. Although it is on the noisy side, it is less expensive than a belt drive. We recommend a chain drive door opener for detached garages because the noise will not bother people in a room above or beside the garage.

Belt Drive

Belt drives are a quiet choice. They are ideal if you have a bedroom above your garage. Belt drives open using a rubber belt and are low maintenance. They also come with extended warranties so you can feel assured that it will last you for years to come.

Wall Buttons

These are perfect for those who prefer outdoor keypads. It can also lock all outside radio signals. Another feature of wall buttons is that they can come with a timer and motion sensor. That way, you can set your garage door to open and close automatically to a specific time or as you pull up.

Smart Technology

You can connect your garage door opener using Wi-Fi. Doing so enables you to control the opening and closing of your door through your smartphone. This option is great because you will never have to wonder whether you remembered to close your garage again.

Battery Backup

In case the power goes out, you will still be able to use your garage door opener. If you experience power outages frequently in your area, consider investing in a battery backup so that you can always get your vehicle out.

LED Lighting

Garage door openers with LED lights can provide a daylight-like feel to your garage, ensuring it is well-lit.

When it comes to the best brands, we recommend Lift Master because of the brand’s quality and variety of options. Parts are also easy to obtain if repairs are ever needed. When you purchase Lift Master garage door opener from Sam’s Garage Doors, our professionals can install it to ensure it works properly.

One way to choose the right opener is to read reviews online before purchasing. Also, you can contact a professional garage company, like Sam’s Garage Doors, for advice on what model suits your home best.

If you are ready to purchase your new garage door opener, give us a call! We will discuss your garage door opener needs and help you select the right option. Contact us today to get started with your garage door opener installation.