How To Check Photo Safety Sensor

Garage Door not closing? There may be an easy fix that you could try all on your own! Make sure sensor are aligned. Video by LiftMaster.

How To Manually Open Your Garage Door

Need to open your door manually? Watch the video below to learn how to manually open your door. Video by Clopay Corporation.

How To Lubricate Your Garage Door

Learn how to make your door quieter when opening and closing, increase door lifespan and smoother movement. Video by Clopay Corporation.

Why wont my garage door open fully?

Find out why. Video by LiftMaster.


Garage Door Safety From Clopay

Learn the proper and safe way to open your door when operator is disengaged. Video by Clopay Corporation.


How To Wash Your Garage Door

Cleaning and waxing your door helps to prevent rust, which is caused by foreign matter or salt adhering to the door. It also helps restore the look of the factory-applied finish by removing dirt and chalking from materials like road salt. Video by Clopay Corporation.