Garage doors are probably something that you use every single day, maybe even multiple times per day. They are constantly working behind the scenes, being opened and closed on demand when you need them to. They are a quick and easy way for you to enter your home and provide you with a safe place to keep your vehicle. But, with all of the daily use, they go through a lot of wear and tear. If you haven’t added your garage doors to your regular house maintenance plan each year, you might find that one day you are faced with an issue where your garage door spring is having issues, or you might find that a garage door torsion spring repair is needed.

If your garage doors are showing their age or even starting to get stuck and not opening at all, you could need a garage door spring replacement. Like other items that need to endure the elements during the year, garage door springs are more prone to issues during extreme weather conditions, and conducting regular maintenance is essential to help keep them running in top shape.

These are some reasons you might be having garage door spring issues. These are reasons that you might need to get your garage door spring repaired.


Having a Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring


A garage door torsion spring is typically the first thing to go on your garage doors. If you are there when it breaks, you will know it broke because of the loud noise it will make, like a firecracker. If your doors do not stay open, then you are usually dealing with a tension issue. If they open only a couple of inches, then stop, it is usually a broken spring. It will be dangerous for you to operate your doors with a broken garage door torsion spring. In this case, you should call in for a professional repair as soon as possible.


Having a Squeaky Garage Door Spring


Do you notice that your garage door springs are making a lot of noise when they open and close? In some cases, it’s just that, an annoying noise and nothing more. But in other cases, it can be a sign that you have a more serious issue on your hands. You should call for an assessment on your garage doors, and professionals will be able to diagnose the issue by lubricating and testing your garage doors to find out if there is a real issue or not. If everything is fine, you should invest in getting some garage door spring oil and apply that every 6 months to get rid of any annoying noises.


Snapped Cables on Your Garage Doors


Above the tracks on both sides of your garage doors, you can find extension springs. These springs will have safety cables on either side running through the springs. They help to control the extension springs. If there is a problem with these safety cables like if one snaps or comes loose, there will be nothing to control your extension springs. Which, in turn, will affect how your garage doors function.

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