If you are installing new garage doors or sticking with the ones that came with your house the day you bought the property, it’s important to know safety features and tips if you have children. Why go through the trouble of having to worry whether the garage door will injure/hurt your children or leave permanent damage that is not going to heal or cannot be repaired? This blog will provide you with easy fixes and tips to keep your children safe near the garage door (this can effectively help avoid any damage to your children’s health).

  1. Make sure you have an auto-censored garage door with an auto-reverse feature; this way, your garage doors will be able to detect any motion or physical touch and will automatically stop closing and reverse its direction.
  2. Getting up to date garage door. Always make sure to check for the durability and time-frame for the material made to use your garage doors, and check to see whether garage repair companies are available within your area.
  3. Check the force/balance of your garage door. Check to see if there’s an excessive force from the weight of the material, and to see how smoothly it opens or closes (this will provide knowledge on what needs to be repaired).
  4. Get professional workers to repair garage doors. You don’t want to be wasting money on expensive tools to do a one-time job, you also will not know for sure whether the repairs were done correctly (this puts you and your children’s safety at risk).
  5. Make sure to perform yearly inspections/maintenance. Doing this will save you time in the long-term and any further damage to your garage door, if there is any already, remember it’s better to be safe than sorry.

These are just five tips to keeping your children safe if they are around garage doors, and there are so many more! It is important to know when you need to fix/repair your garage door, and when the time is right to do so. This is why our garage door repair services in Coquitlam, Surrey, and Vancouver, BC, are great for meeting your needs and keeping you and your family safe.