You finally got your dream garage door opener installed, and now you’re wondering: will it work in my space? For example, is there enough room between the ceiling and the top of the door? Will I have to raise it so that it fits above my head? How much does that cost? And what if I need to raise it even more after installing it? We’ve got answers to all of your questions below!

What is the minimum garage ceiling height for a wall-mounted garage door opener?

The minimum garage ceiling height for a wall-mounted garage door opener is 7′-6″. This allows the door to be fully opened without hitting the ceiling.

The height of most garage door openers is 2′-6″. This means that they’re 2′ 6″ high, which means they’re going to hit your ceiling unless you have at least 7 feet 6 inches between where your floor meets your wall and where your ceiling begins (or vice versa).

Do I Need to Raise It?

If you have a wall-mounted garage door opener, your options are limited. If you have enough space between your ceiling and garage door, then no, it’s not necessary to raise the garage door opener. However, if there isn’t enough room for the motor to fit between your ceiling and garage door (or if there isn’t enough space for any wires), then yes: you will need to raise the garage door opener in order for it to work properly.

If this sounds like something that applies to you or someone else who wants an answer about minimum ceiling height requirements for wall-mounted openers finally answered—and why they’re important—we’ve got some answers here!

How to raise the garage door opener if you don’t have enough space between your ceiling and garage door

If you don’t have enough ceiling space between your garage door and the top of the opening, you can use a garage door opener extension kit. The kit will raise the garage door opener to its correct height and allow you to mount it in a new location.

Here’s how:

  • Install the kit on your existing opener. It’s as easy as attaching two brackets onto each side of your garage door opener (one at each end), then connecting them together with included hardware (bolts). You might need help from someone else for this step—it’s not too heavy, but it is awkward if done alone.
  • Raise or lower any section(s) needed by loosening four bolts per section until they’re loose enough to move freely up or down; then tighten them again once they’re where they need to be

How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Garage Door Opener?

The cost to raise a garage door opener varies depending on the size of your garage and the length of track you want to raise. A typical installation will cost between $500 to $1,000. If you’re trying to save money, consider doing it yourself!

However, it’s typically best to trust the professionals who can effectively reduce the likelihood of a problem from occurring in the near future.

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