Garage doors made from wood are some of the most attractive garage doors. The natural finish found in the wood material is a great contrast with any style of home, and your curb appeal will soar when you add some wooden garage doors to your home. When you purchase your own wooden doors, you should also be committing to their good condition. In areas that frequently rains a lot in Coquitlam, if you do not take measures to protect your wooden garage doors, they will be exposed to moisture, which can cause some severe damage to occur. You can learn how to treat your garage doors so that they stay in great condition in these unique climates.


How to Maintain Wooden Garage Doors


Choose a single day every year when it is not raining to perform these preventative tasks to help keep your garage doors in tip-top shape.


Look for Rot


Extended exposure to moisture will eventually cause decay. You can use a screwdriver to poke the sides of the garage door, and check them over for any signs of softness. You can repair tiny spots of wood rot with wood putty, however, you might need a professional to address bigger issues.


Check Seals


Close your garage door from the inside, then walk around the door to see if any light is coming between the door and garage. If there is light entering, your sealant could be damaged and need replacing.


Repair Any Chipped Finish or Paint


Painted wood doors will tend to peel after a while from exposure to moisture. Even those with wood finish could get chipped eventually. Sand away the imperfections and fill up bigger holes using putty.


Apply New Paint or Finish


The best protection from the elements for your garage door is adding a barrier in between the wood and weather. Painting or finishing the door annually with at least two coats takes a couple of hours. Give the door enough time to dry before you use it.


Check the Hardware


Lastly, you should inspect the hardware found on your garage door to make sure things are working smoothly. Doors that do not shut correctly can become damaged over time. Listen for any squeaking noises and apply some lubricant when you need to on the springs. It is also a good idea to tighten the screws in the hardware.


What Happens to Your Garage When You Do Not Perform Wood Garage Door Maintenance?


You might need to repair your wooden garage doors if you end up not putting aside time to maintain them. Doors that are exposed to rain in long-term situations without the right protection will rot, and this rot attracts pests like ants. It also draws termites that eat the wood and make it soft. If you end up having an infestation, you will need to call a pest control expert.