Garage doors are used several times a day and with all of the opening and closing that takes place throughout the different seasons, it’s important that you go through your maintenance checklist to ensure your garage door remains in good condition and continues to function properly. 

The following are simple measures that homeowners can take to keep their garage doors operating smoothly:

  1. Take some time to observe your garage door in action because you will be able to spot problems simply by looking and listening. This preventative step can help you spot a problem and fix it before it becomes more serious. You will be able to tell if your garage door is moving smoothly and operating as it should or if it’s making odd sounds and scraping noises, that may be problematic.
  2. Examine the hardware and tighten the roller brackets and bolts using a socket wrench. Keep in mind that your garage door moves a lot and experiences a lot of vibration throughout the year, causing the hardware to become loose, which is why tightening it is very important.
  3. Garage doors must be properly balanced; otherwise, the door opener will have to work harder causing it to fail a lot sooner than it should. Test the garage door balance and if you see that they are improperly balanced, a spring adjustment may be necessary.
  4. Don’t forget to replace the rollers. An inspection should be done twice a year and the rollers should be replaced every seven years, regardless of whether they are nylon or steel. Rollers that are worn, cracked or chipped must be replaced immediately to prevent further damage and trouble.
  5. Lubricate the moving parts of your garage door and this simple and quick task will extend the lifespan of your door significantly. Make sure you use the right type of grease on the chain, screws and overhead springs and you’ll add years to your garage door.
  6. Inspect the actual door itself to make sure there are no issues. If you have a wood door, you need to keep an eye out for water damage, warping, chips and paint that is peeling. Steel doors need to be checked for rust spots, which you’ll have to sand, prime and paint. A garage door is a very visible component of the exterior of your home, so taking the time to care for it is very important. 

Completing these maintenance steps regularly and checking them off your list will help you enjoy your garage door a lot longer and decrease your chances of running into any problems. If you do run into an issue and are in the Surrey or Coquitlam area, contact Sam’s Garage Doors for all of your repair needs. They will have your garage door functioning properly again in no time!