With passing time, you may notice that your garage door is not working as well as it used to. There are a number of reasons why this may happen. At this point, you may be contemplating whether to repair or replace your garage door. Before you decide, it is imperative to be well-informed about your options. Depending on whether your garage door has completely stopped functioning or is only partially kaput. You can decide to either opt for a simple repair and have your garage door operating smoothly again or opt for a complete garage door replacement.

Here are a few things that you need to know before you decide to repair or replace your garage door.

Repairing your garage door

If you detect a small glitch in the door early on, the chances are that your garage door will be brand new with just a minor repair. One common problem observed with garage doors is that it is moving rather slowly. This happens when the garage door springs lose tension or break due to prolonged usage. To rectify this, you will need to unhook the emergency release on the door and open the door manually. If you feel that the door is too heavy to lift, the torsion springs may have a problem. Another common problem is that the garage door has gone crooked or is misaligned which is why it is not closing completely. This can be attributed to broken or damaged garage door cables. Bent or damaged door tracks are other common problems that can be fixed with a simple wrench and hammer.

Though you may be tempted to use some DIY guidelines off the internet to fix these minor issues. It is best to call a licensed and experienced garage door company to assess the problem and let their crew fix it for you.

Replacing your garage door

Frankly, there are very few instances when you would need to replace your garage door. Garage doors can be easily maintained to prolong their usability. Keeping regular tabs on their wear and tear, oiling and cleaning regularly, and replacing moving parts at the right intervals can mean that your garage door will last for a really long time. Having said that, there are times when replacement is the only option.

If your garage door is showing visible denting, scratching, warping, or rusting, it is about time to replace your door. This may have happened under many different circumstances like extreme weather, collision with a vehicle. If your garage door is quite old and hasn’t been looked after.

As garage doors are continuously exposed to weather constraints they are likely to undergo severe deterioration. If your garage door is worn out, its opener, tracks, and springs may also have undergone damage. It is a safety risk and a prompt replacement may be a good idea.

Another big reason for replacement is a damaged panel. Garage doors that have minor dents or scratches can be easily handled. If there is damage to a panel or the side of the door, getting a replacement identical panel may not be easy. In such circumstances, replacement may be the only option. If you are renovating your overall decor, there is a chance that you may want a certain kind of design of the door and would want to replace it.

Knowing something is wrong with your garage doors can never be easy unless there are visible tell-tale signs. Sometimes damages may be occurring and you may never notice until one day your garage door comes crashing down. To ensure that you and your family do not bear the brunt of such an incident, make sure to get your garage doors regularly inspected from Sam’s Garage Doors. Our crew is trained and experienced in detecting garage door-related problems and providing the best advice, solutions, and maintenance schedule that will help you to avoid costly repairs and replacements in the long run.