It’s common for homeowners to put off maintenance when it comes to the garage door. Unfortunately, the more garage door maintenance and repair are neglected, the worse the problems can become. Maintaining the quality of your garage door is both responsible and saves you money at the end of the day. That’s why it’s important not to neglect and instead prevent any future issues from occurring.

To help you be aware of the potential garage door issues that may happen, we’ve put together an informative guide on some reasons for garage doors to have problems.

1. The Photo-Eye Is Covered, Dirty or Misaligned

A photo-eye consists of two essential components that align across each other on either side of the garage door. When it is activated, a laser beam the size of a pea is sent from one side to the other. When the door is prompted to close, the beam scans for any obstructions in the way. If there is one, it will halt immediately. If the photo-eye is blocked or dirty then it is misinterpreting that for obstruction and won’t close.

2. Snapped Cables

Broken cables on a garage door assembly can be extremely dangerous. Extension springs allow tension for when the door is raised or lowered, then the cables that match with each tension spring must bring up or down the door. If the springs snap, then the cables are responsible for preventing the door slamming and causing tremendous damage. Also, anything in its path will be crushed severely by the door. Cables do not last long after the springs snap, so if the extension springs fail, close the door and do not open until the springs are replaced. 

3. The Door Track Is Not Aligned Properly

The operating systems activate the garage door, however, if the door is misaligned along with the doorway and ceiling, then it can slow the movement of the door. The problem will only become worse if left unattended to overtime. If there is a bend or point along one side, it can pull on the door and put pressure on the other side which can cause further stress on the door.

4. Garage Door Reverses Before Closing Fully

Garage doors have a certain screw that controls and adjusts the closing force. The closing force is the pressure in which a door can descend before switching off by the motor. If a garage door is reversing back before it hits the floor, that is because the closing force setting needs to be adjusted. 

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