If you’re looking to replace and upgrade your garage doors, you need to consider the type of garage door material that fits your budget and style. Fortunately, homeowners have a wide variety of garage door materials to choose from. Yet not all will match the functionality, cost, and aesthetic you’re looking for.

Sam’s Garage Doors has created a list of the four best garage door materials and what they have to offer below.

1. Steel

Steel is by far the most common and popular garage door material. This is because steel doors are extremely affordable, durable, reliable, and low maintenance. Steel garage doors can also mimic several styles, including wood material via stamped-on grain. The doors can also be insulated to protect against harsh winds, loud sounds, and temperature infiltration. Steel is naturally a poor insulator, which is why insulated doors are a practical choice for your home and budget. Sam’s Garage Doors offers a variety of high-quality, durable, and stylish steel garage doors that will both enhance and protect your home.

2. Wood

Wood was the first material used for garage doors. This material continues to be a top choice and appeals to homeowners who desire a more traditional home exterior. Wood garage doors are offered in a variety of different styles to suit your budget and desired look. Painted wood is a more cost-effective alternative to authentic wood material. Wood can be carved and styled in different patterns, stained, or painted depending on the preference of the homeowner. Regardless of the wood material you choose, it will always enhance your home’s exterior and create an elegant look. Our wood series and collections are all beautifully detailed and designed to accentuate your beautiful home.

3. Aluminum

Aluminum garage doors are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. This material is much lighter than steel and can even be designed to mimic painted wood. With long-lasting finishes and durability, aluminum is an excellent choice for homeowners that desire a lighter garage door material that is also less expensive than steel. Sam’s Garage Doors carries two aluminum garage door styles including the Infinity Classic and Modern Classic. Our Infinity Classic Northwest aluminum door combines the elegance of a wooden carriage house-style door. While the Modern Classic offers a more modern sleek and architecturally refined aluminum garage door.

4. Wood Composite

Wood composite doors are designed with recycled wood fibers. This garage door material offers strength and durability akin to steel while having the elegance and visual appeal of wood texture. Wood composite garage doors can be either painted or stained and resist rotting and splitting.

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