When it comes to your garage door, size is a very important aspect you have to consider as this will play a very big role in terms of functionality and style.

When selecting your garage door size, you need to look at your current and future needs so that you select the right door for your property. Function and vehicle capacity are very important as is capacity in regards to the size and single vehicle garage size and double vehicle garage size are considered standard or universal so you can start by looking at these options. If you have one car, a single garage door is the perfect choice as this will provide you with enough space to get in and out of your garage. If you have two vehicles, you will need a wider garage door and you will be able to choose between one large double garage door or two single-car garage doors based on your garage type and style preferences. All of these standard models are readily available so you will not have any trouble finding these sizes.

If you are looking for a unique size, custom garage doors are available so if you have a garage door size that is different from standard options, you will have to look into custom options so that your door can accommodate your desired width or height. Those who drive tall vehicles, RVs or heavy duty trucks may need a custom garage door size which will be both wider and taller.

Regardless of the type of garage door you need, you will need to measure the area so that you can focus on the right garage door options. Measuring is a must because this will tell you a lot about your space and the type of door you need and you can complete this task on your own or you can ask a professional who will be able to provide you with precise measurements. This step will have to be completed accurately and in addition to calculating the measurements of the door itself, you will also have to make sure that the garage door has enough room to slide across the ceiling of your garage space.

The height of your garage door is also very important so do not forget to consider this aspect because it does matter. Standard heights are available but custom doors will need enough clearance to open and close seamlessly. To determine this aspect, you must think about the clearance along with the ceiling for the garage to open and you need to make sure you select a size that your garage’s structure can support. Those who have additions on their vehicles will need a taller garage and will also likely need one that is wider.

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