Choosing a new garage door is an exciting decision for any homeowner. However, it’s important to consider more than just aesthetics. Your garage door is one of the primary entry points into your home, so its security should be top of mind. This article will explore the most secure garage door styles and tips to enhance their protection. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of which type is best for your needs.

Common Ways Garage Doors are Broken Into

Before securing door options, let’s review how thieves typically target garage doors. The most skilled will gain entry within seconds by accessing the safety release mechanism. Others force their way in with tools or brute strength on older, weaker doors. Knowing their methods shows where reinforced materials and locking systems provide the best defence.

Roller Doors: A Top Pick for Security

Roller Garage Doors

Roller or “roll-up” doors are an excellent choice due to their design. Horizontal slats enclosed within the tracks make for a solid barrier. No visible gaps or seams invite intrusion attempts either. For enhanced protection:

  • Choose a double-walled roller door for extra strength.
  • Make sure the bottom slat can withstand kicking or prying tools.
  • Add extra locks and bolts for secondary pathways.
  • Go with a brand known for durable rollers that are unlikely to snap under pressure.

Sectional Doors: A Trusted Staple

Sectional Doors

As the most popular residential door type, sectional doors deliver reliability and security. Panels interlocked within a sturdy steel frame roll neatly overhead. When closed, they make a tight seal across the entire doorway. For sectional doors:

Opt for a heavier-gauge steel construction.

Ensure the seal between sections leaves no room for intrusion.

Always Consider Additional Features

No matter the style, reinforced materials and thoughtful locking are key. Multi-point locking systems in different areas disrupt would-be thieves. Look for doors with:

  • Steel-reinforced panels instead of weaker wood or fibreglass.
  • Sturdy steel frames to resist bending or prying attempts.
  • Extra bolts or locks along sides and bottoms in addition to main locks.
  • Anti-snap cylinder locks for up-and-over doors’ single point.

Automated Doors: A Cut Above in Convenience and Security

Automated garage doors

Motorized garage doors solve the problem of external locks altogether. Without one to target, they present a major obstacle. Additionally:

  • Their constant downward pressure when closed is tough to overcome.
  • Only opening with a special remote or code keeps unwanted hands out.
  • Wireless keypads provide another layer of controlled access.

So, while all quality doors can secure your garage, automated options may take the cake with their inherent protections. Pair one with reinforced materials for even better results.

Choose a Pro for the Best Residential Garage Door Installation

Now that you have a good idea of the most secure garage door styles let the professionals at Sam’s Garage Doors help you choose and install the right one. As an authorized dealer of top brands, we can ensure your new door meets all standards for strength, weather resistance, and security.

Our installation teams will properly size and install it with care. After setup, we’ll also review best practices for locking, keyless entry if applicable, and regular maintenance. Don’t risk your family’s safety with an insecure door. 

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