About Sam’s Garage Doors, LTD

Welcome to Sam’s Garage Doors. We’re the home of quality garage door products and services. Our team can handle your residential, commercial, industrial and institutional garage door needs. We’re dedicated to providing you with the right garage doors at fair prices. Here are some of the things we’re about.

Quality Products and Services

Here’s a fact. Lower quality equals increased costs. Get the right garage door system the first time. We take pride in providing you with quality garage door products and services. Investing in our products and accessories help your garage doors last longer. Your home will have a more attractive look. And your commercial and industrial sites will be more productive. Quality service starts with your first contact. We respond within 5-60 minutes. In our show room we’ll help you choose the garage door system that fits your needs.

Skilled Garage Door Experts

At Sam’s Garage Doors we don’t hire just anyone. Each technician is a skilled garage door expert. They’ll properly install, test, repair and maintain your garage door system. They’ll answer any question you have. After installation they’ll test your garage doors, so you know they work right. Our technicians are safe, smart and thorough. They don’t waste time and get the job done.

24-Hour Emergency Services

A garage door emergency can happen any time. If your doors won’t open or constantly stick, contact us now. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact Canada’s garage door experts today. We’re about family, safety and security.