No matter how sturdy your garage door is, it is bound to wear down, break, or get damaged over time. It’s always worth contacting a professional to repair a broken garage door immediately, especially if you, like many homeowners, store valuable items in your garage. Routine maintenance will also help keep your garage door functioning for longer.

Are you unsure which garage door repair company you should call in Vancouver and Surrey? Here are four things we think you should consider when looking to work with a garage door repair company.

Licensing And Insurance

A good and legitimate garage door company should always have the necessary license for operation. Ensuring that the company is licensed will help you avoid unprofessional technicians and feel assured that the workmanship will be up to par. It’s also essential to make sure that the garage door repair company has insurance so that your property is covered in the event of an accident during repair work.

Recommendations And Referrals

Online reviews are a great resource when evaluating garage door repair companies. Take note of important information such as the quality of work and customer service, problems with finishing a job, and timeliness. If you do not trust ratings on the internet, you can ask your close friends or relatives for recommendations. Someone you know in your neighborhood has likely worked with a garage door repair company.

Rates And Deals

Shopping around and choosing the best deal may be the most significant determining factor in the process. Once you’ve narrowed down your prospects, it’s time to compare the going rate and available warranty for the repair you need.

Business Bureau Ratings

Better Business Bureau Ratings represent the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) confidence in the company. It rates each company on a fair scale based on reviews and complaints from past clients. A high rating means the BBB is confident that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner and will make an effort to resolve any customer issues or concerns.

Garage Door Repair in Vancouver and Surrey

For over 30 years, Sam’s Garage Doors has been proudly servicing and repairing garage doors in the greater Vancouver and Surrey area. From garage door installation to repair and regular maintenance, our team of experienced garage repair technicians is here to help. Sam’s Garage Doors is known for its fair prices, excellent customer service, high-quality materials, and superb workmanship. Contact us for a free quote today!