There are a number of signs that indicate that your garage door is in need of service and the following guide will help:

Squeaking Sounds:

If your garage door squeaks whenever you open or close it, take it as a sign that it needs service. A professional repair company will either lubricate or adjust it to eliminate these sounds.

Scraping noises

A misaligned reinforcing strut or a damaged end bearing plate can both cause scraping sounds, which you will hear whenever you try to open or close your garage doors. In some cases, this issue can be resolved by the homeowner, although it will be temporary and a professional repair company will have to replace the parts for you.


Difficulty opening or closing your garage door

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing this issue, including a broken torsion spring or worn extension spring cable pulleys, for example. These components will have to be replaced to eliminate this problem.


Your garage door opens to a certain extent but then reverses,

If your garage door starts to open or close but suddenly reverses, it is likely that you have a problem with the torsion spring cable or extension spring cable, which may be broken. This can also occur if the extension spring pulleys are worn out and may mean that the sensors are either dirty or misaligned.


Jammed door

This is most likely a sign that the torsion cables need to be replaced. It may also mean that the track is bent and needs straightening.


Your remote control only opens the garage door but does not close it

If you can successfully open your garage door but cannot close it, this may be because of a misaligned or dirty sensor, which will have to be aligned or cleaned and, in some cases, completely replaced.


The garage door opens very slowly

If you see that your door is opening at an unusually slow rate, it may be a sign that the torsion spring is broken and needs replacing.


The garage door will not stay open

Any issues with the springs can affect the door’s ability to remain open, which is why the springs will either have to be adjusted or replaced completely.


Your door opener is straining

A broken torsion spring is usually the cause of this particular issue, so if you see that your garage door opener is straining, then a repair company will have to replace that spring for you.


Your garage door is up on one side

This could be due to either a broken torsion spring cable or a spring, which will have to be replaced.

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